How to spot the single and desperate people at a party
February 4, 2014

10 reasons why being single in Singapore is awesome!

1.       Its safe

Girls, if you want to head out solo on a Saturday night in that slinky party dress, your six-inch stilettos and a bottle of San Miguel – no other city in the world allows you to do that without fear. In this sunny island, our singletons are safe! Go ahead, walk all by yourself along the Singapore river toward your favorite bar at 2am singing to yourself that Katy Perry jam that’s the anthem of your singlehood.

2.       Cheap

Okay, before you throw things at us. Tell us, what is it you are holding – a packet of tissue to reserve a seat at the hawker centre? Well, that is what we mean, sure this city may be home to some of the world’s most expensive bars, stores and cars but, it is also full of cheap dining options and expansive public transport (see related point above) – so no need to whine that you don’t have a partner to pick up the tab anymore.

3.        Food and Drinks

And yet.. If you are in the mood for some wining and dining, head out to anyone of the fabulous places that dot this island. From a booze-filled boy’s night out to a dainty tea with your sisters and even to a whisky swilling session alone at an oak walled bar – in Singapore you can do it all.

4.       Clubs and Parties

Now what is the point of all this single awesomeness if you have nowhere to shake what you mama gave ya? Welcome to Sin city – the hottest party zone in the region (and some may say in the world) from the most expensive club in the world to the glittering glamour of global events – Singapore is THE party destination.

A single’s part on valentines day perhaps? How about this one?

5.       The Void Deck

You grew up in block 156 and your best friend lives in block 163 – your other friends in block 157 and 174 and all of you tore up your neighborhood on your bicycles – prank-calling boys from public phones and slurping paddle pops in playgrounds. Fast forward 15 years, you’re 25, it’s Sunday morning and all your attached friends are snuggling up with their significant other and you’re craving some company over your carrot cake – in Singapore, all you got to do is head down to the Void Deck and there they are, your crew.

6.       Distractions

But some days, friends and a McFlurry just won’t cut it. But in Singapore you can take your mind off your soul-sapping singleness by running around this city, there’s a lot to do. From underwater aquariums to gardens in the sky, this city will keep your days so packed you won’t even remember that you may die alone. Lovely isn’t it?

7.       Single City

Statistics tell us that in our garden state, divorce is on the rise while marriage rates are dropping to historic lows. So, while your newsfeed makes it seem like just about everybody is getting married, it isn’t true my friend. The government may be fretting and SDU is working, but for you the single in Singapore – this is GREAT news. It means the odds are stacked in your favour. That woman by the bar, probably single (and on the prowl) Go for it!

8.       Love? Love Money!

Okay sure you can spend your time with your partner cruising through IKEA or YOU COULD BE MAKING MONEY. This is the richest city in the world! There’s so much to be done and earned in this city. Who wants to waste any of those potential filled minutes planning a wedding? Why make love when you can make money?

 9.     Melting Pot

Being single is about meeting people and what is better than a city that attracts the best and the brightest from the world over. Take your Danish date you met at that Nepalese  restaurant to your favourite local cafe  and talk about politics in Thailand over Argentinian coffee  . All in sunny Singapore! You have to love it.


Because it is fucking AWESOME! Come on man, this is Singapore – the best fucking city ever. Tropical island paradise you guys: it’s safe, it’s clean, and it’s jam-packed with good food and great parties!

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