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February 4, 2014
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January 12, 2017

How to spot the single and desperate people at a party

Desperation – it’s probably the biggest turn off of all but lets face it-  there are a lot of desperate men and more than a few desperate women out there and worst of all they all seem to come out on Valentines day.

As organizers of Singapore’s hottest singles party Valentine Vendetta it’s our job to help you spot the desperados from the bone-fide hotties.

Here’s the criteria we, with almost a decade of experience hosting Singapore’s hottest parties, use:

How to spot desperate guys;

Symptom 1 – OTT syndrome.

That’s right anything over the top. The thing about desperate guys is that they cant help showing off. So if he’s super eager to flash his ultra-platinum card, talks too loudly about the Ferrari he probably doesnt have, or is flipping hand stands on the dance floor when everyone else is just grooving – he’s probably desperate.

Symptom 2- Unsneaky sneakiness.

That’s the old male lizard brain- you know when you’re on the dance floor with your girl friends and a single guy just keeps edging towards you. So close his over-large gyrations are getting in your way – that’s your classic unsneaky sneak trying to snake his way into your attention.

Symptom 3- Stare gazer .

Men stare and desperate men stare  a lot. If his eyes are roving from one group of girls to another and he cant keep his eyes on your eyes-   you know where else he’s looking, that’s a pretty good sign he’s desperate.

Symptom 4- Greased frightening.

It’s a cliche but it still holds true- desperate men are greasy. Because desperate men are insecure they rely on massive amounts of hair gel to compensate. In the heat of the dance floor this gel will melt creating the oil slick on top of the head look. To top it off desperate men are nervous so they sweat more and you get a particularly unpleasant generally oily sheen. If they shine they are probably desperate.

While we are all familiar with wolfpacks of desperate men – there are plenty of desperate ladies out there too here’s our guide to spotting them.

Symptom 1 – A state of undress.

Once gain its all about getting attention. I mean there’d nothing wrong with looking sexy, but revealing too much of everything is a classic sign. If there’s far too much is on show and all the flesh isnt adding to the look – it’s a good sign shes desperate .

Symptom 2 Drunk and disorderly

Drinking too much, too fast and too early on and doing everything they can to look more available. You know im falling over you because im soo  sooo druuunk. That’s a classic sign.

Symptom 3 – Silent Stalker

While Over the top-behaviiour is a classic sign in women depseration can take a more subtle form.

A shy, desperate girl will often follow the object of their affection  around. They’l stare with wide googly eyes but look away when you look at them. Youl bump into them again and again – when you’ve gone out for a smoke, as you come out of the gents. Thy are too shy to make a move but desperate for you to notice them.

Symptom 4 – Running to the ladies room

Desperate girls just arent confident about the way they look. So they will not only cake on make up they well run to the ladies room every few mins to make sure they are still looking OK.  if girl just cant stop checking her hair and make up the chances are – shes Desperate.

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